Crypto Banking Africa 

Crypto fintech serving crypto banking and trading in Africa, with a focus on customer acquisition and retention through loyalty rewards.

Reward Holders

Base Reward allow the token holders access to a variety of online services and earn tokens on every transaction when utilizing any ecosystem services.

Buy-back & Burning

We will implement a buyback and burn program. Annually we buy back tokens with 20% of ecosystem profits and we burn them.


There is a 5% tax applied on all sales of BRW tokens on exchanges, which is then added to liquidity.


Designed to create a more compelling reward for holding BRW. Holders stake their BRW tokens to unlock more tokens as reward.

Limited Supply

BRW toen will be limited in supply max at 12 MILLION tokens, adding to being a deflationary token.

Use Case

Make purchases of products and services within the Base Reward ecosystem with our token, while enjoying cashback.

Crypto Debit Card

With Base Reward Crypto Card, stake your BRW tokens and earn up to 30% APY on your investment while enjoying loyalty rewards (cashback) up to 1.5%.

Play & Earn

Users are empowered by our GameFi platform that rewards them for their participation and enjoyment. In addition, the finest of DeFi and NFTs are combined to offer a genuinely unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN experience.

Base Reawrd Gaming


20% APY



Ecosystem Service


our goal is to revolutionize the gaming sector by integrating Blockchain in our Gaming Ecosystem and presenting the gaming community with a new way to value their time.


Spend Crypto with debit card at over 70 million Merchant locations and cash withdrawals at any ATM worldwide where VISA/MASTER cards accepted.
Get rewarded for all your transactions.


We will take advantage of Africa's young digital market by creating Africa's most prominent marketplaces "P2P". where vendors and buyers can easily meet their needs, bids, and transact safely and securely.


a non-custodial multi-chain wallet with a reward mechanism that will be designed to reward users for their loyalty and also unify and integrate African blockchains and projects in one place among others.

Base Reward Wallet

Base Reward wallet is a custodial mobile wallet offering crypto banking, crypto trading, and prepaid card services.


 Securely store your crypto assets, send, receive, and exchange BRW, Bitcoin, Ethereum, & other currencies instantly with anyone. Securely buy and sell crypto your crypto.



Base Reward



Max Supply


Contract Address


Learn more about our project and all the features by getting through our comprehensive documents that are designed to bring full transparency.


Basic Reward development progress and overview.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Open, organized marketplace (such as a stock exchange) where buyers and sellers negotiate prices. Exchanges require an almost instant (real time) bid and ask matching mechanism, settlement and clearing, and market wide price communication and determination

Rewards for cash back are determined base on the amount of tokens a user holds in stake. The higher the amount in stake, the higher your reward level up to 1.5% cashback.

Removing an assets from circulation to adjust availability and value.

Crypto burning occurs when tokens are delivered to an unusable wallet address (known as a zero address or eater address) to remove them for circulation. The address of the burn wallet is available to no one, and once crypto enters this wallet, it is lost forever.

Buybacks and burns, as explained above, increases the value of a token by limiting its supply in the market. Of the two, only buyback achieves this result while burning impacts currency and capital assets. Thus, token issuers use a combination of both called ‘buyback-and-burn.’

For those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency jargon, the word “GameFi” alludes to a fusion of the phrases game and finance. It is used to refer to blockchain games that are P2E (play to earn), which lets players earn money just by engaging in and having fun with them.

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